Jupiter, Io and Europa’s shadow

Jupiter, Io and Europa’s shadow (11 Dec 2012)

This image was taken around around 1230am on 11 Dec 2012 using a Thorlabs DC1645C web cam type camera (1280×1024 pixels) at the primary focus of my Meade 8″ SCT LXD 55 telescope. At this time Jupiter was at its highest elevation in the North sky. The results even surprised me as the images showed the best detail I have ever recorded for Jupiter using my telescope despite the lower altitude. The conditions would have played the biggest role here (capturing enough frames with low turbulence), helped with accurate alignment of the telescope and the neighbour’s garden lights eventually going off. I took about 1500 frames at 24 frames/sec with the webcam, and then processed the best 100 frames with Registax 6.

If you look carefully at the image you can see a black spot on Jupiter next to one of its large storms. This is actually the shadow from one of its moons Europa. Europa is actually in front of Jupiter but difficult to see, it is actually the white blemish just below the storm (zoom in a little). A little above Jupiter you should also be able to make out one of Jupiter’s other large moons Io.